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(photo of Dr. Mohamed Azzouz) Dr. Mohamed Azzouz
Full Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Laurentian University,
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, P3E 2C6
Phone: +1-705-675-1151 Ext 2224
Office: Fraser Building F-518

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My current research work deals with the study of:

In the past, I have also worked in the following areas:

Journal Articles

M. Azzouz and B. Doucot, `Effect of small interchain coupling on one-dimensional antiferromagnetic quantum Heisenberg model: The integer-spin case', Physical Review B 47, 8660 (1993).

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M. Azzouz, H. J. Kreuzer, and M. R. A. Shegelski, `Long jumps in surface diffusion: A microscopic derivation of the jump frequencies', Physical Review Letters 80, 1477 (1998).

M. Azzouz, `Identification of the physical parameters of the paramagnetic phase of the one-dimensional Kondo lattice model done by introducing a nonmagnetic quantum state with rotating order parameters'. Physical Review B 62, 710 (2000).

B. Bock and M. Azzouz, `The generalization of the Jordan-Wigner Transformation in three dimensions and its application to the Heisenberg bilayer antiferromagnet', Physical Review B, 64, 054410 (2001).

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F. Hanke and M. Azzouz, The Moroccan Journal of Cond. Matter V. 6, 1 (2005). Title: Modeling the mid-infrared optical gap in La2-xSrxCuO4.

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M. Azzouz and K. A. Asante, Phys. Rev. B V. 72, 094433 (2005), Title: Spin locking and freezing phenomena in the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on the three leg-ladder.

M. Azzouz, Phys. Rev. B V. 74, 144422 (2006), Title: Filed-induced quantum criticality in low-dimensional Heisenberg spin systems.

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Laurentian University
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